Hardware for Forstner Drill Jig


Necessary hardware for the Forstner Bit Sharpening Jig.

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The necessary hardware for the Forstner Drill Sharpening Jig:

  • Machine Screw, hex head M6 x 70 mm
  • Machine Screw, hex head M6 x 40 mm
  • Machine Screw, hexagon socket, M6 x 50 mm
  • Machine Screw, hex head M8 x 100 mm
  • Two M6 nuts
  • M8 nut
  • 12 Wood screws 3,5 x 20 mm

All the pieces are actually standard hardware but most of them only come in packs of 10. With this package you have (except for a piece of plywood) all the non-3d printed parts that you will need for the 3d printed Forstner Bit Sharpening jig.



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