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Laser cutting CAD design with FreeCAD

In this article we will design 3D objects for laser cutting using the free and open source CAD software FreeCAD. We will create a simple mounting bracket as an example.

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Workstation with overhead camera rig and lighting

In this article we describe how we upgraded our electronics workstation and installed a LED panel and created an overhead camera rig.

Living Cell Table

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Cheap DIY soda rocket launcher

In this article we build a cheap soda rocket for our kids birthday party from an empty bottle and some 3d printed parts.

Living Cell Table

DIY Knock-down Domino Joints

How to 3d print a DIY loose tenon jig

wayofwood - Free plan: Loose tenon joinery jig

Thank you. You are right if you are able to glue everything together with absolute precision. I left some room…

wayofwood - Free CAD software for makers

As woodworkers we are a small customer group. But creating a solid is really simple in FreeCAD. Just open the…

Wayne H. Franklin - Free CAD software for makers

I just want a free CAD program that will allow me to draw a 36" x 24" x 36" rectangular…

Tim - Free plan: Loose tenon joinery jig

Great guide, thanks. I think your calculation for the slot length is a little wrong (13mm +17mm). I…

Laser cutting CAD design with FreeCAD - Way of Wood - Improved Cooling for the K40 Laser Cutter

[…] mounting brackets are designed to hold the cooling unit of the K40 that we build here. This is a…