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Rendering Wood in FreeCAD – FreeCAD for Woodworkers 5

In this article we are going to look into Rendering in FreeCAD and go through a variety of options to improve the look of your CAD work.

Review: 3000mW Laser Engraver from China

Ebony Pen and Inlayed Box

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Workstation with overhead camera rig and lighting

In this article we describe how we upgraded our electronics workstation and installed a LED panel and created an overhead camera rig.

Living Cell Table

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Cheap DIY soda rocket launcher

In this article we build a cheap soda rocket for our kids birthday party from an empty bottle and some 3d printed parts.

Living Cell Table

DIY Knock-down Domino Joints

How to 3d print a DIY loose tenon jig

wayofwood - Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

Assembly 4 is quite attractive for woodworking tasks - especially as you can change the content of a part (think…

wayofwood - Free CAD software for makers

Have a look at my articles about the K40 laser cutter. It’s the best way to cut acrylic or thin…

Michael Rempel - Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

The Assembly 2 workbench is listed as obsolete in FreeCad. There is a new Assembly 4 that seems to be…

Douglas - Free CAD software for makers

Loved the video "free-cad-software-for-makers". Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to help us new people out here. I…

wayofwood - Woodworking Cutlist in FreeCAD – FreeCAD for Woodworkers 05

Good catch that opcut is not longer online. I don't know a mirror but you could download the code and…