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CAD Design for the laser cutter in Inkscape

In this article we will take a look at different ways how to design 3D objects for the laser cutter. We use Inkscape and a free Boxmaker to make a …

Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

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Workstation with overhead camera rig and lighting

In this article we describe how we upgraded our electronics workstation and installed a LED panel and created an overhead camera rig.

Living Cell Table

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Cheap DIY soda rocket launcher

In this article we build a cheap soda rocket for our kids birthday party from an empty bottle and some 3d printed parts.

Living Cell Table

DIY Knock-down Domino Joints

How to 3d print a DIY loose tenon jig

wayofwood - Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

Does the A2plus workbench work when you don‘t modify it? So if you install then adding, don‘t do the modifications:…

cooltehno - Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

Hi! I've known about your site from YouTube. Great possibilities! Thanks for your good work! I think it has…

Cheap DIY soda rocket launcher - Way of Wood - DIY SciFi birthday invitation card on the K40 laser

[…] part of our kids birthday (for which we have build already the invitation card in another post) party we…

Free CAD software for makers - Way of Wood - Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

[…] Update (May 2019): Since the article has been published FreeCAD advanced quite a bit and I wrote a  few…

Free CAD software for makers - Way of Wood - Living Cell Table

[…] shapes but also get very artistic and design organic shapes – such as the patterns for the living cell…