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DIY Air Filter for the laser cutter

In this article we create a DIY air filter for the K40 laser cutter. It is build from easily accessible materials and much cheaper than the commercial versions.

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Workstation with overhead camera rig and lighting

In this article we describe how we upgraded our electronics workstation and installed a LED panel and created an overhead camera rig.

Living Cell Table

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Cheap DIY soda rocket launcher

In this article we build a cheap soda rocket for our kids birthday party from an empty bottle and some 3d printed parts.

Living Cell Table

DIY Knock-down Domino Joints

How to 3d print a DIY loose tenon jig

Mike - Woodworking designs with FreeCAD

I've been looking all over for the complete list of parts and their dimensions. Can you provide them or tell…

wayofwood - Chair restoration: How to reupholster and refinish chairs

Buying a cheap drill might be less expensive than getting someone to drill the holes.

Tyler Johnson - Chair restoration: How to reupholster and refinish chairs

That makes sense that the screw holes could be a bit worn out after all that time. I have some…

wayofwood - Free CAD software for makers

Looks like an interesting solution. Could you say more about what you like about it?

Max - Free CAD software for makers

Forgot the best one: SolveSpace. The only one I bother using.