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Using 3d printed templates for precise routing with no CNC

In this article we will use 3d printed templates to route a very precise pocket with multiple depths – with no CNC.

10 new laser cutter projects

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Workstation with overhead camera rig and lighting

In this article we describe how we upgraded our electronics workstation and installed a LED panel and created an overhead camera rig.

Living Cell Table

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Cheap DIY soda rocket launcher

In this article we build a cheap soda rocket for our kids birthday party from an empty bottle and some 3d printed parts.

Living Cell Table

DIY Knock-down Domino Joints

How to 3d print a DIY loose tenon jig

joel olivie? - FreeCAD for Woodworkers: Assembly with the A2+ workbench

Je possède Freecad 0 18 3. Je n'arrive pas à télécharger l'atelier d'assemblage A2+ par Adon manager. Rien n'apparaît dans…

wayofwood - DIY tablesaw overhead blade guard

The tube is 120x40 mm and the acrylic is just the ordinary 3mm homecenter stuff. Although I would maybe go…

Jochen - DIY tablesaw overhead blade guard

Hi there! I wanted to build a similar extraction system for my FELDER CF741 for a long time. Due to…