K40 Chinese laser

Having this K40 laser really opened up a lot of new possibilities. Have a look at my 10 projects with the K40 laser for an overview of the endless possibilities the K40 laser offers me in the workshop and for a lot of fun projects. One of the last projects I did with the K40 was an awesome invitation card for the birthday of my kids. It’s really awesome to just press a button and get an image or a label engraved.

The laser is powerful enough to cut paper, cardboard, MDF and plywood up to 4mm thickness, as well as acrylic in up to 5mm thickness with ease. You can also engrave things into wood, glass, plastic or anodized aluminum.

Here are a few examples of things I created with the K40 laser more or less on the fly. Each of these took less than 15 min to design and get going:



If you buy one of these make sure you read my article on how to set it up in a relatively safe way. There are also quite a few additions you should consider when getting  a K40 laser:

  • Buy some safety protection glasses along the laser.
  • You should build a safety switch into the K40 laser in order make it less dangerous.
  • Getting some kind of air assist is essential – otherwise the laser will most of the time put your workpiece on fire.
  • Upgrading the bed is nice and gives you a better working area.

Cost of this article are around: 380 EUR

You can purchase the article under the following links:

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