3d printed custom bit holder for a drill

In this article we create a 3dprinted custom bit holder inspired by Jamie from Homemade modern.

A few days ago Jamie published a video on a 3dprinted custom accessory for a Ryobi drill. This video inspired a quick print for one of my cheap drills.

I start by measuring the side of my battery pack where I would like to position the bit holder. The battery pack side is around 75 x 20 mm. In Fusion 360 I create a rectangle with the dimensions of these measurements and create a round shape at one side.

This shape can then be extruded to a height of 8 mm.

For the bits I create a new sketch in the side view and a draw a polygon with 3.3 mm from the center to one of the sides. I create a pattern of this polygon so that 6 shapes are spread across the length of the holder.

After leaving the sketch I extrude the polygons and thereby cut a shape corresponding to the size of a bit from the main body; leaving some material at the bottom.

On the  bottom of the bit holders I create a new sketch, draw a circle of 6.8 mm and create a rectangular pattern corresponding to the one I created earlier.

These circles are cut out 3 mm deep for some magnets. With the same extrusion I cut material from above the magnet so that I can put it in place. After creating a few fillets the 3d shape is done. I send it to my printer and after less than 30 minutes I can remove the print from the build plate.

Gluing the magnets turned out to be the most difficult part of this project. Whenever I tried to glue one of the magnets in it snapped to one of the magnets I already glued in one of the other holes. With a pair of pliers and a bit of patience I could move them in position and press them in the hole.

I glue the holder to the side of my drill with a bead of hot glue.

This print will be a great efficiency improvement. It is easy to remove the bits and put them back. And even with a lot of shaking and bumping the bits did not get loose.

3dprinted bitholder for your drill - With this bitholder all the bits you need will be always at hand and easy to reach.