Embossing a leather keychain with a 3d printed stamp

In this article we use a 3D printed stamp for embossing a leather keychain.

This is the keychain for our mailbox key that I want to replace with a leather one. In Fusion 360 I create a rectangle with the same size as the leather strip I\u2019m planning
to use. I also mark some space for the rivets at each end and then place two copies of the svg image of a letter.

I am extruding the letter shape by 4 and the surrounding area by 3 mm and send it to the printer.

Using the leather keychain stamp

While the printer is printing the shape I let the leather soak in water for 30 min.

After the print is finished I put it on a scrap piece of wood, put the leather strip on top and use a second piece of wood to clamp it together.

As alignment for this case is important I decided to use some painters tape in order to secure the leather to the 3d printed stamp.

Don\u2019t clamp it like crazy but put some gentle pressure on the piece and let it sit
over night.

The next day I come back and apply some leather oil to the strip.

I then remove the hardware from the old keychain and secure it with a rivet.


It was fun to experiment with leather as a new material and create a new tool with the
3D printer.