Honeycomb bed for the K40 laser cutter

This is the honeycomb replacement bed for the K40 that I got from eBay. The honey comb structure makes it that the laser is not reflected at the underside of the workpiece and doesn’t leave burn marks at the underside. It’s a great and simple replacement – both from a convenience but also from a quality point of view.

The bed usually comes in a frame that is easy to mount on a few screws. You can easily adjust the height of the bed with these screws. With two rulers (that you can engrave yourself – see the post below) mounted to the bed it is quite easy to put your workpiece in the right spot.

Overall this is an upgrade I can highly recommend. If you get the bed shipped directly from China it’s usually less than 30 bucks. It makes a big difference with regard to the precision and the quality you can achieve with the K40.

In this article I describe in detail how I’ve installed it in my K40 laser cutter.

Cost of this article are around: 30 EUR

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