3d printed bit storage ideas

In this article I would like to share some bit storage ideas.  All of these are 3d prints that you can download for free.

Simplest possible bit storage

Having one bit always with you is quite practical. Let’s take some super glue and a rare earth magnet.


We stick the magnet to the end of an allen key and glue the magnet into this very simple 3d print. After the glue has dried we have a simple way to screw and unscrew one kind of screw. This small holder fits perfectly on a key chain.


Bit storage in a screw driver

What if you want to take a few more bits with you? This small screwdriver is modeled around a quick release bit holder from Amazon.

Besides the bit in the holder it can hold 5 more spare bits.  It’s a handy little tool to carry around.

After some use of the model in the previous picture the mechanism that closes the cap broke and I replaced it with a cap that you can screw on to hold the bits in place. This works much better and I find 3d printed threads very satisfying.

Bit storage threaded boxes

Which brings us to the next holder. If you don’t need the screwdriver itself you can store bits in this box with a screw-on lid.

It holds 7 bits. And if 7 bits are not enough take this model one size larger and it will hold 19 bits. But the great thing about this box is that it is a parametric OpenSCAD model.

You can find here a tutorial how to customize the model to hold even more bits. Just adjust the amount of rings, i.e. the number of circular patterns holding bits and you are good to go. Only the sky and the size of your printbed are the limit on how many bits you want to store that way.

However this is a very bulky item to carry around in your pocket.

Zippo bit storage

If you look for a slick design I have this holder that fits into a Zippo case – inspired by a Laura Kampf design.

It will hold up to 8 bits in a very convenient case and even provides you with an improvised screw driver.


With these designs we should be covered to always carry some bits around.

Bit storage ideas for  the workplace

What about the workplace? Again parametric designs are great for this. OpenSCAD allows us to store as many bits in a tray as you want. If we increase the number of bits in the x and y direction we are able to create a tray as big or as small as we want it to be.

The same model can also be used to hang bits on the wall. The angle parameter in the model gives us an option to tilt the bit holders. If we now set the border parameter to 1 and add screw holes with 4 mm diameter we can print a wall hanging bitholder.


Socket storage and steps for storing bits

If you prefer a design that sits on the table and allows for a good view on all the bits this staggered design might be a good fit for you.

As you might have already expected it’s also customizable to any size you like.

I also have a similar model for sockets. This model is a bit more complicated to modify.

You can change the number of steps and the height of the steps.

In the long lists you change the diameter, the depth and the label for each hole. Just play around with changing the parameters and you should be able to create the socket holder that perfectly fits for your needs.

Drill storage for the cordless screwdriver

The last place where I want to store some bits is my cordless screwdriver. Way back a few years ago I already created this holder. It does a good job in holding the bits with magnets but if I carry the drill around and bump the bit into something they fall of.

Here is therefore the new and improved customizable design. After selecting the height of the holder you can select the height of the lip that holds the bits in place.

This way the magnets only have to prevent the bits from rattling and falling off but the lip hold them in place.

If you tweaked the size of the magnet holes to be a bit undersized the magnets should press fit into place.

Then glue the holder to your cordless drill and you’ll always have a bit with you.